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Gap fees are payable for consultations. Additional gap fees apply if further procedures, for example skin biopsies, skin cancer surgery and patch testing are done. The fees of our Dermatologists vary. Private medical insurance does not cover the gap fees that are payable for consultations and the surgery performed at our clinics. Private medical insurance only benefits you if you require private hospital admissions, or undergo surgery at day surgery institutions or in private hospitals.

Patients who do not hold a Medicare card do not receive a Medicare rebate and therefore are required to pay the full private fee for consultations, investigations and procedures.

No gap fee is charged for DVA Gold Card holders. Pensioners and Health Care Card holders receive a discount on the gap fee.

We request payment for consultations at the reception desk after you have been seen by the doctor.

Payment for excision of benign tumours or skin cancers is made when you return for removal of sutures.

Following excision of benign tumours or skin cancers, at the time of follow-up consultation for wound review, removal of sutures, and discussion of results, there is no consultation fee, unless consultation for another skin problem takes place.

Following a skin biopsy that is done to establish a diagnosis of a skin problem, there is a fee payable for the follow-up consultation which involves discussion of results and formulation of a management plan.

Histopathology will be done on all lesions removed from your skin. You will receive an account from the pathology provider for this service.