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Your Initial Consultation

When calling us to make an appointment, please specify your preferred location for the consultation. Our receptionists will do their best to accomodate your needs. If it not possible for you to be seen within a time period suitable for you, you may be able to be seen earlier at another location where your dermatologist also consults. Subsequent follow-up appointments could then be made for you to be reviewed at your preferred location.

At your initial consultation please remember to bring along the following

  • Referral letter from your GP or specialist
  • Medicare Card
  • Aged Pension Card, Health Care Card or Veteran’s Affairs Card.
  • The creams or ointments that you have been applying recently
  • Any relevant skin biopsy reports or blood test results. This would be particularly helpful if you have had these tests done interstate or overseas.
  • Photographs of your rash. This may be useful if your rash comes and goes and is not always present.

If you need to be seen regarding a skin problem concerning your face or if you are attending for a full skin check, please remember to remove your makeup well before your clinic appointment.