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Patch Testing

Patch testing is performed only at our Dulwich rooms. We use the Australian Baseline Series. This involves checking to see if your skin reacts to 60 allergens applied onto your back.

Skin Prick testing is a different investigation that is done by Allergy specialists / Immunologists.

If your doctor suspects that you may have allergic contact dermatitis, patch testing can help determine whether you are allergic to chemicals that are present in products that you have been in contact with either in the workplace environment or at home.

The procedure involves 3 visits to our clinic over a 5-6 day period so you need to plan the appointments at a time when you are able to attend. During this time it is important to avoid washing this area and you should minimise sweating by avoiding strenous work and exercise.

Day 1 : Small discs containing chemicals are secured to your back using hypoallergenic tape.

Day 3 : The discs are removed and any redness caused by the chemicals is recorded.

Day 5 : A second and final reading is done to document any redness caused by the chemicals. On the first and second visits you will be attended to by our Dermatology Nurse. On the final visit, your Dermatologist will then discuss with you the relevance of the reactions noted.

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