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You need a valid referral from a GP or specialist in order to obtain the Medicare rebate for the consultation. A referral from a GP is usually valid for 12 months for the original condition which required treatment, whilst a referral from a specialist is valid for 3 months. The referral letter must be brought along at the time of initial consultation. The referral becomes valid from the date you see the specialist, not the date on the referral letter.

If you have been seen by one of our doctors in the past, a new referral is needed to be seen again

  • if the previous referral letter has expired
  • or if you need to attend for a new, unrelated skin problem.

 When you book your next appointment, check with our receptionists whether your referral will still be valid for the next visit or whether it will have expired by then.

If you are an overseas student or visitor without a Medicare card, you can still make an appointment to see the dermatologist of your choice without a referral letter, however the full private fee applies for consultations and procedures.